Greetings to one and all, thank you for taking the time to visit. It is fun adjusting to this new age technology in order to "sell" our corporate philosophy and personal image globally. A special thank you goes to my nephew Jacob for this site design and for bringing our company to the World.

Our corporate philosophy is the teaching of our Elders "We are all created special and precious with individual gifts. Our goal in life is to project our preciousness and perfect our gifts, then share them with all who are willing to listen so we all can become richer."

(Matt Vickers)

Matt Vickers

I am including a number of links that I believe may be of interest and or assistance to you. Enjoy!

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Camosun College

Meyers Norris Penny


Bill Helin, Artist

G7G - unrailco.com

Matt and his partners at G7G are moving forward with the alternative plan to move oil to the West coast.

Matt accepted an appointment to Camosun College's Program Advisory Committee for Indigenous Business Leadership

Matt has made the decision to leave Meyers Norris Penny as a full time employee/partner and go back to his private business.

View what participants had to say about one of the Aboriginal Awareness Sessions.

View a list of our past and present clients in the services section of the web site.


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"I had a wonderful time and enjoyed hearing about the history and culture of the North West Coast nation[s]. I do find the present day situation frustrating, but thanks to hearing you speak, I am able to have a positive outlook for the future..." - Leslie Lomas, Information Systems